Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our Baby's First Birthday & a Clown Cake

 Our baby girl turned one on Monday, and while, according to my husband at least, I make a big deal over holidays and birthdays, first and second birthdays are a bit low-key.  Still, I decided the night before to attempt a clown cake for little Cora Jane.  The clown cake is somewhat of a first birthday tradition in my family: my grandmother made it for many of my cousins' first birthdays, and my mom has made it for most, if not all, of the grandkids. Let's just say that I am not creative or artistic, but I was determined to create something fun for my little girl.

To make this clown cake, bake two 8- or 9-inch rounds (I used a Duncan Hines yellow cake mix).  After letting the cake cool, place one round in the center of a baking sheet or piece of cardboard.  Take the other cake round and cut off three sides, making a triangle.  That is the clown's hat.  Place it atop the head, and then cut out a circle from the remaining cake for the top of the clown's hat.  Cut the remaining cake into cubes, and place under and around the clown's head to make a ruffled top.

Then, whip up some icing (I made a vanilla buttercream) or buy a couple of tubs, and spread evenly over the top and sides of the cake, covering every inch with icing.  Yum!  As for decorating, do what moves you.  I used black decorating icing to outline the clown's features and red and green sugar sprinkles to accentuate the hat and top.  I used M&Ms for eyes and sour cherry drops for a nose and mouth.  I was afraid the cake looked too Christmas-y, so I added candy corns to the clown's top.  Voila!

But, more importantly than how the cake looked, it tasted delicious!  And the birthday girl couldn't get enough!

Do you make cut-out cakes for your kids?  If so, what have been your favorites?


  1. That is really cute!
    I haven't made a cut-out cake. Last year for my son's second birthday I bought a car cake pan and made him a car cake complete with homemade fondant covering it and all jazzed up to look like Elmo's racecar. It was a lot of work.
    For my daughter's first birthday this year I made her a romper to wear. I loved the fabric I used so I took a scrap to our cake lady who re-created the fabric on the cake frosting. It was unbelievably amazing. There is a photo here:
    Happy first birthday to your little blessing!

  2. Thanks, Amanda. A cake pan shaped like a clown would've been much easier.
    I LOVE your daughter's romper and cake!! That is so cute and what a great idea! I would never have thought of that even though brides-to-be do it all the time for their wedding cakes. Smart!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Awww so cute and the cake sounds yummy! My little girl is turning 1 very soon and if I had more time I'd want to make her a cake. But I guess Kroger's or DQ will have to do this time.