Friday, November 29, 2013

"The Pursuit of Motherhood" eBook Launch & $100 Giveway!!!

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Mothers, have you ever wished you were given a manual for Motherhood? You know, one that fit the needs of each individual type of Mother and child? We all have probably wished there was such a thing at some point in our lives. And while I can't offer you that particular manual, I would like to introduce you to a brand new eBook titled "The Pursuit of Motherhood."

 Pursuit of Motherhood eBook Launch & Giveaway 

While the market is scouring with parenting books & how-to manuals, I hope you'll consider "The Pursuit of Motherhood" as your next source of encouragement in your role as a Mother. We all need HOPE! We all need to know there's someone out there facing the same struggles we're facing. 

"The Pursuit of Motherhood" was written by 15 Mommy bloggers in the Christian community that most of you have already come to know, love, and respect. You're already familiar with the writings of these bloggers and you know that they're real women, not superheroes, that chug along each day with the demands of caring for husbands, children, homeschool, housework, and managing businesses. Each contributing writer has written on a chapter that she is familiar with in an effort to provide you with hope and encouragement in your day to day walk. 
Motherhood is the beautiful unfolding of a woman's life as the Lord refines her and places her in a position of a humble servant, her life a daily sacrifice. A Wise Woman Builds Her Home

Table of Contents:

  1. The Wise Mother
  2. The Praying Mother
  3. Mothering Through The Little Years
  4. The Working Mom
  5. The Healthy Mom
  6. The Work at Home Mom
  7. Part I: Primary and Secondary Infertility
  8. Part II: The Empty Womb and Adoption
  9. The Modest Mom
  10. Breastfeeding & Child Attachment
  11. The Weary Mom, Part I
  12. The Weary Mom, Part II
  13. The Homeschooling Mother
  14. Mothering a Child with Special Needs
  15. Raising Real Men
  16. Raising Homemakers
  17. Be Fruitful and Multiply
  18. Biblical Motherhood
  19. Leaving a Legacy
I know that I personally fall into many of these categories and you may too. Perhaps you thought of friends or family that would be interested in "The Pursuit of Motherhood." This eBook would make a great gift for a new or struggling Mom, or as a Christmas gift. 

Today through Monday, December 2nd, you can purchase the eBook at just $3.99; after that we'll resume regular pricing of $7.99. The eBook will be emailed to you in a downloadable PDF file. The book is packed full of wisdom and experience in 153 pages.  

Since we all love giveaways, I thought it would be fun to offer a copy of the eBook along with $100 Paypal cash to one winner. {And who couldn't use an extra $100 right now?} ;) If you're selected as the winner and you've already purchased your copy, your money will be refunded. So, go ahead and grab your copy below and then come back to enter the giveaway. The giveaway ends at midnight on Monday, December 2nd. 

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful Thursdays: 4th & Final Week + an Announcement

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and welcome to the final week of Thankful Thursdays. I'm joining Gabby of Mama Gab and Caroline of Anchored in His Grace to share how the Lord has blessed us each week. It's about being conscious of the gifts our Heavenly Father gives us and thanking Him for His goodness and love. Feel free to share in the comments how God has blessed you lately.

7 {More} Things I'm Thankful for This Week

Let's keep counting . . .  

After our 10K in October
Sweet friendships. While I have a lot of friends, I do not have many close friends--the kind where you don't worry about the mess in your house because you know your friend isn't judging you. My friend Sarah is that type of friend. She inspires me to be a more patient mom as I watch how gentle she is with her little ones. Her homemaking binder totally motivated me to create my own. Her little boys play so well with my little girls, and we both have toddlers named Anna Elizabeth {born before we even knew each other :)}. I'm so thankful for our friendship.

Breakfast at IHOP. When Daddy suggests breakfast (lunch, dinner, lupper, linner, even a snack) out, Mama is happy to oblige :) Thankful that we have the means to eat out every now and then as a family.

Our church family. I think I list this blessing every week, but what is more wonderful than worshiping our God with other people with the same faith and hope. I am encouraged every week to put my trust in Him, even when fears assail me on all sides. The precious people at our church dote on our girls and never make us feel like their boisterousness is a nuisance, although I know it must be.

A wonderful doctor's report! Two years ago my endocrinologist wanted to remove my thyroid because of a nodule he thought was cancerous. After an inconclusive biopsy, my gut instinct, and a second opinion I declined surgery, and praise the Lord I did! This week I found out there are NO nodules on my thyroid and NO risk of cancer! I'm still taking Syntheroid daily, but I'm so grateful for that peace of mind.

Membership to our local children's museum. That was the best $75 we ever spent! Thank you, Lord, that we had the money to cover it. The Discovery Center offers preschool classes three days a week plus afternoon exhibits and activities that are free for members. Plus, the museum is filled with fun, educational things to do. My kids LOVE going here, and it certainly helps that our dear friends, the Swaffords, also have a membership.

Answered prayers. I went today to see the surgeon about the growth on my breast. The doctor thinks the place is almost definitely benign. I can't tell you what a relief that news was. I will have a biopsy in December just to make sure.
Family & Friends. Last night we had dinner with my husband's mom's family and some of their friends. Today, we're having lunch with my husband's dad's family, and Friday, we're headed to my parents' for dinner with my mom's family. Time with loved ones is so rare these days, but I'm thankful for what little time we have together.  

What about you? How has the Lord blessed YOU this week?

Feel free to share a link or comment in the comment section below.  

An Announcement!

Beginning next Thursday and for the duration of December, I will be starting a series on "Unique Christmas Gifts for Children."  

I'll be sharing some fun, inexpensive, and memorable gift ideas that will, I hope, expand your search for the elusive "perfect gift" beyond the hottest toys at Toys-R-Us. I hope you'll join me!

 Blessings to you,

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