Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Some of My Favorite Blogs & What Really Makes Them Special

Recently, I posted on my top 5 criteria for the blogs I follow. Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorites. These are the blogs that I read regularly, as in daily. I also read other blogs through Bloglovin' and follow many great blogs on Facebook, but I don't subscribe to all of these blogs via email, my preferred means of following a site.

Some of my favorite blogs boast a very large following while others cater to a smaller audience of devoted fans. Some of these blogs have regular posting schedules while others are a little more erratic. Still, all of these blogs are successful in my book because of the people behind them, their passion and commitment to their blog and its followers. 

I hope you find some new favorite blogs from my list.

Note: Some of the blogs fall into multiple categories; I have categorized them by my personal favorite aspect they represent.

Womanhood / Marriage / Family

Doorposts of Your House
Women Living Well
Time-Warp Wife
Sarah Mae 
First Comes Love {Meghan Carver}


Life as Mom
In the Nursery of the Nation
Beauty Through Imperfection
Simple Mom
The Better Mom


Proverbial Homemaker
Deep Roots at Home
Growing Home
Life Your Way
Keeper of the Home
Raising Homemakers


Simple Homeschool
I Can Teach My Child!
Teach Beside Me
Homegrown Learners
Homeschool Creations
The Homeschool Classroom


Money-Saving Mom
My Frugal Adventures
Faithful Provisions
Free Homeschool Deals

Books / Reading

Modern Mrs. Darcy
Reading List
Quirky Bookworm


Hungry Runner Girl {Running}
Jeff Goins {Writing}
Christin Slade {Writing}
Michael Hyatt {Leadership}
Jon Acuff {Achieving Your Dreams}

I hope you'll check out some of these blogs and see if they might not be your new favorites too!

Do you follow any blogs that you would recommend from any of these categories? 

What are some of YOUR favorite blogs?


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  1. Wow Keri! So many of these are new to me! I'm kind of a creature of habit so I tend to stick with what I know. Thanks for the sharing. :)

    1. You're welcome. I tend to over-subscribe and then pare down as I go. Like a little diversity :)

  2. Keri, I am honored that I made your list! Some of these I've never read, so I'm going to check them out. Thank you! :)

    1. You're welcome, Meghan. Just wanted to share with others some good blogs that inspire and motivate me to grow. Blessings!

  3. Thanks for sharing this list! I have recently started being more dedicated to blogging. I enjoy reading other blogs, seeing how they have designed it, and their content. I am glad I paid yours a visit too!

    1. Thanks, Melanie. I hope you find some good blogs that help you in your own blogging journey!

  4. You've got two of my favorite book blogs mentioned, so I'll have to check out your third pick. I also love A Spirited Mind. She writes occasionally about homeschooling as well, but most of her posts lately have been about books. Her reviews are always very thoughtful and well-written and give me a clear idea whether or not the book would be one I'd enjoy.

    1. Thanks for mentioning that blog. I will check it out! I'm always looking for new book blogs with thorough reviews.

  5. Thank-you for the feature, Keri! That's so kind of you.

    1. You are welcome, Jacinda. Your blog is a blessing to me, and I am only too happy to share with others!

  6. Love this list! I often find I've subscribed to too many blogs and have to decide which ones are most important, it's nice to find new ones that are recommended so I can pare down more... thanks!


    1. I do the same thing, Marissa! There are so many good blogs out there but so little time to spend reading them. I'm glad I found yours! :)

  7. A terrific list, Keri! I read or check in on most all of the blogs on your list. I like the way you have them categorized. I'm weeding through my own subscriptions lately to be more focused in my reading. I appreciate your input as I work through it.
    Have a wonderful week!