Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sisterly Love

When my brother and I were growing up, I can recall only a handful of times when we actually played together; we were usually fighting or I was trying to convince Brian to play school or read books with me. Of course, if you know Brian you would know that did NOT work! He is not one to sit down and read but preferred to blow up his Ghostbuster figures or run around outside. Perhaps personality has something to do with it, but I think our gender differences played a far greater role.

As the mother of two little girls, I can already see personality differences between Kate and Cora: Kate is stubborn, too smart for her own good, energetic, and easily frustrated when she isn't able to do things on her own, and Cora, though only 3 months old, is much more mellow, laid back, and generally very happy. Kate sits on Cora and "smothers" her all the time, but Cora never makes a peep; she doesn't seem to mind anything as long as she eats and sleeps when she needs to. Kate, on the other hand, was a pretty fussy baby.

Yet, despite these differences in personality, Cora already adores her big sister and laughs and smiles at Kate whenever she hears her big sister talking. Kate also loves her little sissy dearly. Kate reminds me so much of myself, trying to teach my little brother. She sits with Cora and reads books to her, and Cora appears to hang on to every word. I know Cora is already learning so much from her big sister. Who knows if Cora will still sit and listen to Kate when she is mobile but for now she is definitely interested?

What a blessing for Kate to have a little sister to love, teach, and take care of! I always thought I would have a boy and a girl, like my Mom, because that is what I was accustomed to growing up. But I certainly see the beauty of sisterly love already in my two girls, and it makes me very happy!

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