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The Top 10 Posts of 2012

Happy New Year 2012!
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As the 2012 draws to a close, I wanted to share with you the top posts of the year at Growing in His Glory. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

(1) Preparing for Childbirth: 10 Scriptures of Comfort & Encouragement



In early May, we welcomed our third daughter, Anna Elizabeth. The all-natural labor and delivery still weigh heavy on my mind nearly eight months later, but these verses from God's Word truly helped me through the daunting moments when I didn't think I would survive. He is faithful!

(2) Kitchen Tip #4: How to Cook Dried Beans

From childbirth to economical cooking tips... Apparently, the state of our economy has prompted some people to look for cheaper ways to prepare meals, and learning how to cook dried beans is affordable, filling, and very healthy. Beans. They're more than just "good for your heart."

(3) "Saving at the Grocery Store": Where to Find Coupons & Other Deals


In light of rising food prices,  I started a series earlier this year on ways to save money at the grocery store. This post shows you where to find coupons and features links to my favorite money-saving blogs.

(4) "Saving at the Grocery Store": Making a Price Book" 

We also looked at how to put together a price book, an essential money-saving tool. Prices really aren't the same everywhere, so you need to know where to get the most for your money. A price book is a go-to guide for finding the lowest prices on the items you buy most often.

(5) "When God Says 'Not Now'



In August, I was offered a position at the university where I used to teach and attend. But after much praying and consideration, I had to listen to God and decline. Because sometimes God says, "Not now."

(6) 10 Ways to Prepare for Baby: The Final Weeks


Sure there are nine blessed months to get ready for baby's arrival, but time slips by quickly. It's in those last weeks when you're exhausted, fearful, and anxious that a little perspective comes in handy. This post gives some helpful tips to moms-to-be as they prepare for a calm labor and delivery as well as those harried days after baby arrives.

(7) Let's Play!



 In July, I started yet another series called "31 Days of Play!" which was a challenge for me to spend intentional time each day playing with my kids, something that does not come naturally to this to-do list driven Mama. To see the activities we did each day, click here.

(8) Pursuing Holiness, Not Happiness, in Marriage


When the world tells us we deserve to be happy, we need to know that happiness is not what God calls us to. Instead, He calls us to pursue holiness: to keep loving our spouses even when they no longer make us happy. Satan wants our marriages to fail. Ignore him. Tell him to flee! Turn to God to get your marriage back where it needs to be.

(9) Are You Suffering From Parent Burnout?


In this post, I break down the five stages of parent burnout according to James Dobson in Parenting Isn't for Cowards and offer six ways to cope when being a parent is a constant source of frustration. Parent burnout is real. If you're experiencing it, read my post and get some help if you need it!

(10) Five Reasons Why We Go to Church When It's Easier to Stay Home


Church of St Mary, Thornham Parva
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If you struggle with attending church with kids in tow and wonder if it's really worth all the effort, read this post. With three children 4 & under, I know how tough it is to get to church on time, teach your children to sit still and be quiet, and glean an ounce of anything spiritual from your time there. Be encouraged, Mamas. This is just a season!

This has been a busy year but I've enjoyed sharing with you some of the lessons I've learned and the ways in which God has been growing me as a wife, a mama, and His child.

I hope you will continue with me in 2013 as we grow in His glory!

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