Wednesday, January 23, 2013

5 Bible Story Books for Preschoolers & Toddlers

When our girls were born, my parents bought them each their very first Bible. Since then, every Christmas, I add a Bible or Bible story book to their collection. Honestly, I love books, and what's the best book for children? The Bible of course!

All of the girls' Bibles and Bible story books are located on the bookshelf in our living room where they can easily access them at their leisure. We do talk about the proper way to handle books, especially God's Word, and if they are caught abusing the book, it is promptly taken away. {Our older girls are 4 and 2, so this is still an issue.} But they know their Bibles are special and to treat them with respect.

While we have over a dozen children's Bibles and Bible story books, these are our 5 favorites:

(1) The New Bible in Pictures of Little Eyes by Kenneth N. Taylor

I first heard about this Bible from Tauna at Proverbial Homemaker a while back, but I filed the title away and bought it for our eldest daughter at Christmas this past year. {FYI: Taylor also wrote Big Thoughts for Little People: ABC's to Help You Grow, an excellent Bible-based ABC book that I highly recommend.}  

The beauty of this Bible story book is the combination of great illustrations and easy language that introduce children to profound biblical truths in a simple but profound way. I especially love that each story is written in a conversational style so children feel like you're talking to them, not at them. Plus, there are questions at the end to see what they children retained. Bonus!

(2) The Bible in Pictures for Toddlers by Ella K. Lindvall


I wanted to get our middle daughter (age 2) her own Bible story book, but she really needed something small, of sturdy construction, and with very short stories. This book, which was inspired by Kenneth N. Taylor's The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes, is perfect for children ages 1-4. The illustrations are colorful and fun, and the stories are brief and easy to follow but also engaging for young children. My two-year-old loves to carry hers around the house, and the soft almost puffy cover is perfect for rough and rowdy toddlers.

(3) The Beginners Bible by Karyn Henley

This was the first Bible story book I ever bought. We have read through its 95 stories countless times. The cartoon-like characters and easy-to-read (and listen to) stories appeal to my girls and their short attention spans. I especially like the topical index in the front of the book, so if the girls are dealing with anger issues, I can turn right to several stories addressing that topic. It makes life so much easier. {I don't know about you but when I'm trying to think of something on the spot, I usually can't do it.}

(4) Read and Learn Bible: Stories from the Old and New Testaments by the American Bible Society

This is Annabeth's first Bible from her grandparents, but it was quickly "usurped" by her older sisters since she's still a baby. While this Bible is geared toward older children (ages 5-8), the text is easy to understand even for a 3 or 4-year-old. The eye-catching illustrations are what appeal most to my girls, and my oldest will sit and "read" the stories based on the pictures. 

As a parent, I appreciate the Parent Pages in the back, which are an invaluable resource with devotional ideas, practical applications, and discussion topics. These pages have helped me share what the Bible says about topics like gratitude, forgiveness, and facing fears. This Bible is also unique in that it highlights and explains more in depth specific names, places, and things found in each story, adding another layer of understanding to God's Word.

(5) The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones

I personally love this children's Bible because every story in it is connected to Jesus and illustrates how Christ is at the center of everything. The beautiful illustrations and unique page layouts have captivated my children. This book is more appropriate, in my opinion, for older children because the language is not as simplistic as in The Beginner's Bible or The Bible in Pictures for Toddlers, but my 4-year-old "gets it" and especially enjoys the stories of Abraham & Isaac and Jesus' Crucifixion.

These are our favorite Bible story books. What about YOU? What are YOUR favorite Bible story books for young kids?

Come back tomorrow when I will share 7 fun & practical ways we use our Bible story books throughout the week!

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  1. We absolutely love our children's bible! It is The Story Bible published by Concordia Publishing House. The pictures are true to life and beautiful. It includes some discussion starters and prayers too.
    Very nice post! Great topic!

    1. Heather, I had never heard of The Story Bible, but looked it up on Amazon and it looks great! I like how realistic the pictures are. Thanks for sharing! That will be another Bible story book for my list!!

      Blessings to you!

  2. We have the Beginners Bible. I really like it. Thanks for highlighting the others!

  3. We have the beginners bible and love it for my 3yo.
    I recently got the Jesus Story book Bible from the library and was disappointed at how inaccurate it is. (see the negative reviews on amazon for details).
    I found a wonderful one for older children (maybe 7-8 years), "The Child's Story Bible" by Catherine Vos. I almost couldn't lay it down, it was so interesting!
    Thanks for the other recommendations. Love to have one for 1-2yo level.

    1. I will definitely have to check out those reviews! I hadn't noticed anything inaccurate, but we haven't read all of it.

      I will check out that Bible you mentioned. Thanks for sharing!

  4. We love the Jesus Storybook Bible - I agree, the words are not over simplified or "dumbed" down. It's great - a fun way to bring the focus to Jesus while learning the stories of the Bible!

    Thanks again for linking up with Cozy Book hop!


    1. Thanks for commenting. I appreciate you hosting the link-up!