Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Weekly Wrap-Up: A New Adventure

I want to start a new weekly wrap-up post to be featured every Saturday to include the following:
  • What I've Been Doing This Week
  • What I've Posted
  • Favorite Posts I've Read
  • Goals Accomplished
  • Goals for Next Week

What I've Been Doing This Week...

 I finished one of my goals for the year: Organizing all my recipes. Now I have two binders filled with recipes and sufficiently organized. I ended up using page protectors to house recipes from magazines and think that made the task so much simpler.

My oldest daughter has been struggling with anger issues this week, so I've been working on an anger character study to do with her. I'm in the final stages of completing it, and once it's finished intend to post it on here for anyone interested.

My husband and I signed up to run our first 5K in March, so we've been hitting the gym to train. I found a great {free} podcast on iTunes called Blog Marketing Podcast with Hector Cuevas. It's given me some food for thought as I run and cook dinner.

The week ended with the baby and me coming down with colds, my parents coming for a visit, and catching up with a friend who just had a baby. Right now, my husband is taking the oldest to swim at the Y {daddy-daughter date}.

What I've Posted...







Favorite Posts I've Read...

{I've pinned these posts. If you aren't already, follow me on Pinterest.}

Goals Accomplished...

1. Read through page 625 in Anna Karenina 
2. Run 3x this week
3. Finish recipe binder
4. Blog 3x

Goals for Next Week...

1. Finish Anna Karenina
2. Run 3x this week
3. Blog at least 3x
4. Finish anger character study & post

Have a great weekend!!

How was your week? 

What do you do about anger issues in children? Any sources you recommend?

Have you ever read Anna Karenina? Thoughts? 

Do you have a favorite podcast?

Do you like weekly round-ups?


  1. My children got me one of those pretty recipe binders for Christmas, the kind with the pretty paper you can run through the printer. I love it, and I'm anxious to use it, but I have so many recipes to sort through that it's a daunting task! Yours look great, Keri!

  2. Meghan, thank you, and what a great Christmas gift! I bet yours will look great once you tackle it. The hardest part was getting started for sure. My recipe binder is not aesthetically pleasing to anyone but me: it's clean, neat, and clutter-free. Maybe one day one of the kids can decorate it for me :)