Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday, Anna Elizabeth!

Annabeth, today you are ONE year old. Oh, how the days have flown by!

From the very beginning, you have been a joy to your Mama and Daddy.

When you decided to join us on the outside, you came quickly but easily. You rarely cry. You are a good sleeper, and you tolerate a LOT of sibling attention.

Annabeth, or AB as your family lovingly calls you, you light up the room with your infectious smile and giggling sweetness. Your lone dimple begs to be kissed.

Easily entertained, you will sit by yourself for long periods of time occupied only with a basket of toys and books. You don't need Mama or a sister to play with you, but prefer to be alone.

In spite of your "one little shiny tooth," you're a voracious eater. In fact, I would venture to call you a Marathon Eater: you eat and eat and eat at a rapid but steady pace. 

Yet somehow you manage to be covered with food when you're finished. Your Daddy and I think you might actually be messier than your sister Cora; that's no easy feat, girlfriend.

Annabeth, you still aren't walking and I'm okay with that. Really. With your big sisters, I was ready for them to walk, but, you, I just want to stay a baby forever. So crawl, pull up, and roll over to your heart's content.

AB, you are curious and devilish with your little 'tude. But you're also a sweet little angel. You have made your family's life so much richer than we could have ever imagined.

Thank you, Lord, for your precious gift of Anna Elizabeth, whom we fondly call Annabeth.

Happy 1st birthday, big girl! We love you!!

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