Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Baby Tidwell

I suppose I will need to differentiate between "Baby Tidwell" and "Baby Kate Tidwell." It seems that no matter how old or big Kate gets she is still lovingly called "Baby Kate." We joke that she will be a teenager and people will still call her that. While she is still Mama and Daddy's baby girl, we do have another precious baby on the way. Yesterday, I had the awesome experience of hearing the baby's heartbeat: a firm reminder that there is indeed a baby in there! I think every time I have heard my babies' heartbeats a little tear came to my eye: life is so amazing and God an awesome God!

I have decided, although I am not sure Daniel is completely on board with me now that we're scheduled for another ultrasound to check the baby's anatomy, not to find out the baby's gender. Yes, I know this is a surprise to many because I am a planner by nature, but I really don't have a real reason to find out except maybe to narrow down names and help Kate get used to his/her name. But I would love the surprise and anticipation of finding out after I have birthed him/her. My guess is that it's a girl, but Daniel is determined it's a boy. Either way we have to get our boy names together. I think boy names are so much harder to come up with girl names. I'm not sure why either. Fortunately, I still have plenty of time to convince Daniel that while I love his grandfather and dad, I do not care for "Horace Boone" as the name for our son. People, please talk some sense into my husband. I'm all about family names but not ones that will get my kid beat up.

Thankfully, most of the nausea has ended with the end of my first trimester. Suddenly, it seems like I eat and eat and eat and never get full. The other day I ate an entire foot-long sub from Subway! But we are walking every day and I am trying to get in shape for this labor and delivery as I know it will be here before we know it. I will keep you posted on further progress!

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