Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Fears List

So, I'm reading Peggy O'Mara's Having a Baby, Naturally, and she recommends writing down the things we fear while we are pregnant to help to face them. I think because I had such a relatively easy labor and delivery with Kate and because I know what to expect that I am worried that this next baby might be a lot more difficult.

Here are some of my fears:

(1) I fear not being mentally prepared for the intensity and emotion of natural childbirth.
(2) I fear not being physically prepared for the same.
(3) I fear the unknown during pregnancy, labor, and delivery.
(4) I fear the pain of labor and delivery as well as afterbirth pains.
(5) I fear for the health of the baby. (I know, a perfectly natural emotion.)
(6) I fear for Kate's adjustment to the new baby.
(7) I fear the challenges of taking care of two babies and therefore the loss of my own personal space and time. (A selfish fear but one that haunts me.)
(8) I fear not being a good mother.

While these fears are nothing profound or unique to me, they do stir up flutters in my stomach and, fortunately, motivate me to do my exercises, read my books, pray a lot, and begin to make the preparations necessary to combat these fears.

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