Wednesday, April 28, 2010

To Our 18-Month-Old Daughter

Dear Catherine Anne,

It is hard to believe but today you are eighteen-months-old! You have changed and grown so much over the past year and a half and are transforming into a beautiful, energetic and curious little girl. Recently, you have grown fond of baby dolls but still prefer to smother and hit them rather than love and cuddle them. That's okay. You're learning to be gentle, an attribute your Mommy is also learning everyday. Still, you are a little girlie: you love to put all your hair barrettes and bows in your hair.

Kate, you have just recently started chattering a blue streak and it is amazing how rapidly you are adding new words to your vocabulary. Now you can clearly annunciate words like "socks," "shoes, "juice," "baby," "pee pee," and "poo poo." The last two words are a result of our recent experiences with potty training. Although you do not seem to like the potty seat right now (I think it hurts your little bottom), that's okay. We're going to take it slowly.

You have also revealed to your Daddy and me how observant and smart you are: you know all your animal sounds and can point to all the animals in your books. You are learning your colors and numbers and will probably know them pretty soon, too, because you love to sit and look at your books. Some times when I don't know where you are I will find you behind Mommy and Daddy's bed on the floor surrounded by your books, and you are "reading" them to yourself. It is always nice when you can entertain yourself and you are pretty adept at that.

Kate, you are also becoming a good helper. You help Mommy put away the dishes; you pick up your books, clothes, and toys; and you sweep, vacuum, and dust with Mommy. You also help Mommy and Daddy water the flowers and work in the garden. When you want to be, you can be Mommy's big helper, which will be really nice when Baby comes.

While to others you may seem the perfect angel, your Daddy and I know all too well that you have a fierce temper, a strong will, a stubborn streak, and have a way of throwing some horrific tantrums. We are working hard to help you tame your temper and submit your will to your parents' but would appreciate a little cooperation; that is my constant prayer!!

Still, you are a special little girl, Kate. We love you very much, and we love to see how you grow and mature each day.


Mommy and Daddy

p.s. I know you will be totally embarrassed one day by these pictures, but you are just an adorable little girl right now.

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