Monday, February 21, 2011

Menu Plan for the Week of February 20

So I haven't been posting my menu plan lately for a number of reasons but decided that it was time to start doing it again to keep me sane. Guess it's an accountability thing plus when I write my menu down AND post it online I feel a sense of calm come over me that, hey, this is what we're eating this week. Stop trying to find something better to fix. I love that I can wake up in the morning and prep my meals during breakfast and not worry about it later in the afternoon when things are hectic. So, I'll shut up now.

Sunday: We had leftover pizza we made Friday night and pork Daniel grilled and roasted. Delicious!

Monday: Tonight we're having chicken fricasse with whole wheat egg noodles and broccoli. Kroger has chicken thighs on sale for 79 cents a pound, so I stocked up. Plus, I just made cake brownies with sliced almonds for dessert. I've been on a serious brownie kick lately. This is the third time in three weeks we've had brownies. From scratch. Only.

Tuesday: We will be having fish tacos with mango salsa and refried beans. Kroger has wild-caught cod and mahi on sale this week for $3.99/lb. Great price! Plus, it fits in nicely with our resolution to eat more fish and less meat this year.

Wednesday: White beans and cornbread. It's bean night! (I'll soak these Tuesday night so they're ready to cook Wednesday morning. I like my beans to cook a long time on low heat.)

Thursday: Hamburger steak with potato wedges and sugar snap peas

Friday: Pizza night! I picked up some hot Italian sausage on clearance at Kroger today that I'll brown up and use, plus whatever veggies I have on hand. I made a ton of pizza sauce last week that I froze for future pizza nights that we'll be using with some pesto.

Saturday: Leftovers and whatever Daniel makes. I have officially decided not to cook on the weekends.

Happy week!

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