Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Winter of My Discontent

Daniel and Kate built this snowman the last time it snowed and I feel like it accurately represents how I feel right now. About ready to fall over. Backwards.

I'm tired. What mother of small children isn't, right? But there are days that I think this weariness will never end. That Cora will never sleep through the night. That Kate will never be potty-trained. That the house will never be clean. That I will never have a moment to myself. I feel like this snowman must have felt before he toppled over: wobbly, uncertain, doubtful of myself and my future. Will I simply melt away or will something of me remain?

I know everyone says, "This is just a season. It will soon pass." But this "winter" seems to be lasting for an eternity. Hurry up Spring!

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