Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Baby Blessings

This morning I went for my second prenatal appointment, my second favorite right after the ultrasound.  I love this visit because of the opportunity to hear our precious baby's heartbeat.  Plus, I honestly have not done a good job keeping track of how far along I am, so I was anxious for an update.  {Bad Mama, I know, but when it's child number 3, it's really hard to keep up with everything.}  And I had an unexpected surprise today: I heard the baby move in the doppler!  So cool!

Just before the midwife checked for the heartbeat, I had a feeling of nervousness twinged with fear that something might not be right.  There's always that chance.  But when I heard that familiar thump-thumping sound, tears came to my eyes.  Even on the third child, you still cry when you know you have a life growing inside of you. 

How precious life is!  How blessed I am to be carrying this child!  

"Let us come before Him with thanksgiving and extol Him with music and song."

Psalm 95:2

 What has God blessed you with today?  

Praying you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and special time with your family and friends,



  1. After 16 pregnancies (6 babies in heaven), I can attest to the fact that it never gets old, never common, always a miracle! I never cease to be in awe of the fact that God allows us the privilege of pregnancy and childbirth. Congrats on baby #3! (My third grandbaby is on the way as well!)

  2. Amen, Keri! God has blessed me with so much: my salvation, my husband, children,and..well, the list goes on and on! I am very blessed. :)And you are right: life is so very precious. Praying for you and your little one and hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Thanks, Cheryl. And how exciting to be expecting a third grandchild! Congratulations!

  4. Lisa, those are my blessings too. Thanks for your prayers. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. That is such a wonderful blessing indeed! You're right too - its hard to keep track of things by the time the third child rolls around :) happy for you to experience something so wonderful again!

    Today I feel very thankful for the loving friends and family I am surrounded by. I've been spending time listening to someone recount their past, that was not so full of support and encouragement, and she's still hurting through it. it makes me thankful for what I have and thankful for the opportunity to minister to my friend.

  6. What a sweet blessing, Tauna, to be able to minister to a friend in need. I know your friend must be very thankful for you. Thank you for your comments! I am loving your blog!

  7. I was just saying this yesterday. It never gets old. I had a 9 week ultrasound with my 6th child and got to see and hear the little heart beating. I cried when I got into my car thinking of how blessed and humbled I am that God would give us another child. Congratulations to you on your 3rd.

  8. You are so right, Erica. It is very humbling to think that God would entrust you (me) with a child when so many people struggle with fertility. And congratulations on baby number 6! Wow!

  9. I'm so excited for you Keri! Justus will be two this week and Pearl is nine months now. I can't believe how quickly it goes by. It seems only yesterday that I was hearing their heartbeats for the first time! Now Justus is talking up a storm ( well sorta ) and Pearl is pulling up on whatever she can. How time flies!

  10. Heather, you are so right! Time does fly! Kate just turned 3 and Cora 1. Gotta enjoy this time with them while they're little because it won't last for long!