Sunday, April 15, 2012

Menu Plan for the Week of April 15

If I were to say life is crazy right now, that would be an understatement. Besides our regular weekly routine of "school," Bible study, and Mother's Day Out, we are having an Open House on Saturday, just three weeks shy of my due date. I know I should be "nesting" right now and our house should be sparkling and dust-free, but I have never experienced this cleaning phenomenon and don't expect it to hit me now. I would appreciate your prayers for a sufficiently clean house and a good attitude :)

Besides getting our house ready for potential buyers to ogle, we are also trying to get prepared for our new baby. That means moving little sister into big sister's room and fixing up the nursery. There's lots to do and very little time left; so, this week I'm trying to simplify our menu plan. Again, prayers are very much welcome!


Yogurt & granola with fresh fruit
Oatmeal with raisins 
Egg sandwiches with mayo & pickles {a family favorite}, orange slices
French toast with maple syrup {from the freezer}
Peanut butter smoothies


Turkey & cheese sandwiches with fruit & carrots
Black bean quesadillas 
Creamy Mac & Cheese
Grilled cheese or PB&J with fruit & carrots


Sunday, April 15: Refried bean & cheese nachos

Monday, April 16: Pot Roast with carrots, russet & sweet potatoes, onions, & celery and Quick Rolls

Tuesday, April 17: Beefy Greek Pita Folds with Homemade Naan and Cucumber Sauce

Wednesday, April 18: Pinto beans, Creamy Macaroni & Cheese {double recipe to freeze}, and cornbread

Thursday, April 19: Lawnmower Taco {double recipe to freeze} with lettuce & tomatoes

Friday, April 20: Pizza Night!

Saturday, April 21: Leftovers or Dinner Out!

That's what's on our menu this week. What's on yours?

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