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Creating a Seasonal Table for Valentine's Day {Or, My Attempts to Grow as a Homemaker}

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I want to grow in so many ways as a wife, a mom, and a child of God. One area in which I am always in need of "cultivation" is homemaking. It just doesn't come naturally to me. My mom could decorate an entire room in one trip to TJ Maxx and an hour's worth of work, but unfortunately, her decorating knack did not pass down to me.

However, I desperately want my house to be a home where we can grow together as a family, and I want our children to participate in it, too.

That's why this year I am introducing a "seasonal table" to our home.

What is a Seasonal Table?

For those of you, like me, who are unfamiliar with the seasonal table, it comes from Waldorf education principles, which encourage children to be lifelong learners through exploration and interaction in areas of interest. While I'm not a Waldorf fan for the most part, I do like this concept.

A seasonal table (or nature table) is whatever you want it to be. It can be very simply or elaborately decorated. But the contents of the table usually revolve around a particular season, holiday, time of year, or theme. It may be nature-based or not.

How to Create a Seasonal Table?

The first step in creating a seasonal table is finding a table and space accessible to your children. I chose a modest end table on loan from my mom. It's small but at the perfect height for young children. 

I have a small area in our living room that we are using to house our seasonal table. Limited space is no problem.

Then, simply gather materials you already have, find outside, or you buy at the store. How much or how little you spend is entirely up to you! 

How you arrange your seasonal table is also up to you. I have NO decorating skills whatsoever; however, the kids can't tell. They just love to see a space that is open for their little hands to play with and explore.

Take it down and start over again for each new holiday, season, or family event.

Our Valentine's Day Table


I have attempted the seasonal table before but never consistently. This year I aim to change that beginning with a table centered around Valentine's Day.

Because of so many illnesses in our family the past two weeks, I have not done the best job at finding as many "child-friendly" items as I'd have liked. However, the children are allowed to touch and play with any of the objects--even the breakable ones; however, they cannot take the items out of the room.

Beside the table is a basket filled with books relevant to the particular season, holiday, or theme. Here are our Valentine's Day books.

And on both sides of the table are chairs on which a child can sit and look at one of the books or play with items on the table.

It's all about the children's interaction. This heart-shaped glass bowl ($1 at the Dollar Tree) is filled with heart-shaped stickers. The girls can pick one out any time they do something kind or loving to another. 


The other knicknacks on the table afford little hands with opportunities to touch, take apart, explore, create, and imagine. My four-year-old has already asked if we can put a different picture in the Love frame and why the red heart-shaped box is empty. We will be doing something there for sure.

All of the decorations on our seasonal table are inexpensive: I bought the majority at the Dollar Tree and Goodwill, so if something does get broken, it's not a big deal. 


I'm not a decorator, nor do I claim to be one. But I am working on becoming a better homemaker because I want to build a home of love. A seasonal table is just one way to do that.

How do you instill the seasons, holidays, or other themes into your home throughout the year? 

Have you ever attempted a seasonal table?
I would LOVE to hear your ideas! I may just include them in a future post!

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Blessings to you as you grow in God's glory,

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  1. Hi Keri, I don't have a knack for homemaking or decorating either but it is something I'm trying to grow in also. I have never done much seasonal or holiday themed decorating, besides for Christmas and even that is minimal. This post inspired me though and I have a great little table to use that once had plants on it but the kids just kept messing with them, so I think I'll dress it up just for them!

    1. As you can see from my pictures, it really doesn't require much decorating know-how to do :) but I still feel celebratory AND it's fun! The kids look forward to what Mommy will do next!

      Thanks for commenting, Del! Have a blessed weekend!