Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February's Pinterest Pick: Faux Chalkboard Herb Pots

One of my goals for 2013 is to try a different Pinterest pin each month. 

Last month I made these delicious Salted Caramel Pumpkin Muffins. While I was tempted to try another recipe, I dared myself to be bold and go crafty. These cute faux chalkboard herb pots were calling my name:

So, I gathered my supplies:

  • 3 terra cotta pots ($1.99 each)
  • DecoArt "Patio Paints" in Wrought Iron Black, Blue Jay Blue, Sweet Pea Green, & Petunia Purple ($1.99 each)
  • A paintbrush for each color (you can buy a pack of 4 for $1 at Dollar Tree)
  • Elmer's silver paint pen ($3.99)

 And the girls painted their wooden birdhouses ($1 at JoAnns) while I painted my pots.

So I painted two coats on each pot. Then, after the paint dried, I added black paint for a faux chalkboard finish. 

After the black paint dried, I wrote the names of herbs I use frequently in the kitchen: basil, cilantro, & chives.

I have seeds to plant in each pot, but until the weather warms a little, I'm using them as decorative pieces in the house thanks to my mom :)

I think they turned out pretty cute.

Do you have potted herbs in the house? 
If so, which are your favorites?

If you aren't already, I hope you will follow me on Pinterest for these and other fun and delicious ideas!

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  1. These are so pretty AND functional, you have inspired me!

    1. Thanks, Margo. I think they add a little cheer to your home too, which I desperately need during this dark winter days.

      Blessings to you!

  2. Hello Keri... I'm visiting from the link up at Serving Joyfully. I love those pots and I really need to re-plant my herb garden so your post caught my eye, but I've got lots of pumpkin right now so I'm heading over to read your recipe..thank you so much!

    Nice to 'meet' you and God bless!

    1. It's a super easy project. I can't wait to plant my herbs in them too!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I hope you'll be back!

  3. These are wonderful! And I LOVE the idea of challenging yourself with a new Pinterest pin every month - I may have to copy that idea =) Blessings!!

    1. Thanks, Kristi. It's a way to do some of those projects/recipes I want to try and weed out the good from the bad because some of them just don't work.

  4. Wow! Pinterest success if I ever saw one! Those look fantastic. :)

  5. Hi Keri! Just hopping around and LOVE LOVE LOVE this. I think my little Drew can help me paint some pots and would have a blast doing it!

    1. Thanks! It's totally doable with the kids. Just be careful with terra cotta pots; my 4-year-old broke my purple one and gluing it back together is not so easy. Have fun!