Monday, August 1, 2011

My Top 10 Birthday Wishes

I love birthdays, and this week I will be celebrating my 32nd birthday. For many people--namely my husband--birthdays are just another day, but for me, birthdays are special.

I believe everyone should get a day off from work on their birthdays!
My love of birthdays comes from my mom who always made birthdays a big deal when we were growing up. Even as an adult, I get giddy thinking about my birthday because it's my own special day. And now that I have children of my own, I find myself getting extra giddy thinking about and planning for their extra special days.

Here are my top 10 birthday wishes:

(1) Time to spend with family and friends. This has already happened for me since we went to Chattanooga this past weekend to visit with my parents and brother and sister-in-law and their families, but likely in the next few weeks, we will also be spending some time with my husband's family, too. I love sharing my special day with loved ones who remind me how blessed I am.

(2) A special birthday meal (or two). My mother-in-law always fixes the birthday boy or girl a meal of his or her choice, complete with dessert. This year I have opted for her amazing paella and blackberry cobbler. We usually do birthday meals on the weekends. So, on my actual birthday, Daniel and the kids and I will likely go out for dinner so that the birthday girl gets a night off in the kitchen! FYI: If you like Moe's, you can join their e-club and receive a complimentary entree for your birthday! No purchase necessary. {That is probably where we will be going for my birthday dinner!}

(3) Special birthday desserts. My mom also lets us choose what kind of cake, pie, or dessert we want for our birthdays. This past weekend my mom made me two delicious chocolate pies, my favorites! And we will probably grab some ice cream at Marble Slab on my actual birthday. FYI: If you like Marble Slab, join their e-club and receive a coupon for a "Buy 1 Get 1 Free medium or large cone or cup" and $3 off any ice cream cake on your birthday. Can't beat that with a stick!

(4) An iPad 2. Hey, a girl can wish, can't she?

(5) Time to reflect. My birthday is always a day in which I reflect on the events of the past year: what has happened, where I have gone, how I have grown (or shrunk) spiritually (and, as I get older, physically), and where I hope to be the next year (Lord willing). This year I would like to start a journal on my birthday because my memory is deteriorating so that I can record the important events of the year in it and pass it on to my children one day.

(6) A nice hot bubble bath. I would love to have a nice long hot soak in the tub for my birthday. This is a luxury that, with two small children, rarely happens. Maybe I can convince my husband to give me some time for that one. It is my birthday!

(7) Shopping! Another rarity. There really isn't anything I want or need for my birthday, but I usually request some spending money from my husband to buy a few new things for myself. I have gotten so cheap though that I rarely buy any new clothes, but I could certainly use some new shirts and pants without stains!

(8) A No-Cleaning-My-House Day. It's my birthday, right? Therefore, I should not have to clean the house, and I probably won't. :) {Are you noticing a recurring theme here?}

(9) A new book. I am a sucker for something new to read, so I was very excited to receive a brand new cookbook--The Produce Bible--from my wonderful sister-in-law and brother for my birthday. It isn't a birthday unless I receive or buy a new book for myself! People who really know me know that I love to read.

(10) Time to celebrate life! Unlike many people who dread turning another year older, when my birthday rolls around, I feel happiness and gratitude that I have made it another year. Yes, there are a few wrinkles cropping up around my eyes and my hair is turning gray a little too quickly, but I'm alive and well! God has richly blessed my life, and I have much to celebrate, on my birthday and every day!

What are your birthday wishes?
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  1. I am an August birthday, too, and I agree so much with this post that I could copy and past it into my blog on my birthday! Here's to special meals and birthday desserts! Happy birthday!

  2. Thank you, and I hope you have a happy birthday, too!

  3. What day is your birthday? Mine is the 3rd! Hope you get at least some of your top ten wishes. Happy Birthday to you! (If you subscribe online, IHOP sends FREE Fresh 'N Fruity Rooty Tootie meal coupons for your b-day and Starbucks sent me two $1 off coupons for their ice cream! My b-day is shaping up already! ;D)

  4. Cheryl, my birthday is the 3rd too! How cool!

    I love all the free stuff on your b-day! I didn't get the IHOP coupon although I used to. I'll have to check into that one! And while I didn't get the S-bux ice cream coupons, I did get a postcard for a free drink of my choice! {Think that's b/c I have a gift card from them that I loaded on their website.}

    Happy b-day to you! :)

  5. Have a great birthday, hope all your wishes come true!
    Sweet Tea Serendipity