Sunday, March 11, 2012

Menu Plan for the Week of March 11

As I spent some time on Saturday planning for the week ahead, I started panicking a little. In less than two months, we'll have a new baby in the house, and while I am excited about meeting our little munchkin, I really need to get to work making some freezer meals for the weeks after her birth. {I also need to move our 17-month-old in with her three-year-old sissy, come up with a name for the baby, find and wash baby clothes, buy diapers, figure out how where to put baby's car-seat in the car, ad nauseaum.} 

But, in the midst of all this hoopla, my plan in the upcoming weeks--while I still have some energy--is to make a few meals that I can double or triple up on and freeze for later.  I would LOVE LOVE LOVE any suggestions! {I would also appreciate any suggestions for the other items on my to-do list :)}

Here's our menu plan for the week. Notice that I have listed foods for Breakfast-Lunch-Snack-Dinner.

Sunday, March 11
Chocolate chip-walnut pancakes with maple syrup 
Chicken & vegetable stir-fry on rice

Monday, March 12
Scrambled eggs with cheese, yogurt, and fruit
Pizza bread with fresh pineapple
Homemade Chewy Granola Bars
Refried bean tostadas with Spanish rice, lettuce, tomatoes, & sour cream; French Lemon Yogurt Cake

Tuesday, March 13
Cinnamon toast with yogurt and pears
Turkey sandwich, carrot sticks, & pineapple
Hummus with crackers
Fried cabbage & potatoes, field peas, & biscuits with fresh homemade strawberry jam

Wednesday, March 14
Mixed berry muffins with yogurt
"Car Picnic": Cheese & turkey on crackers, pear slices, & mixed berry muffins
Oven-Baked Naan with honey & pears
Caesar fish salad with naan

Thursday, March 15
Fried eggs, biscuits, & jam
Turkey sandwich with carrot sticks & dried fruit
Yogurt & granola
Irish stew with Irish soda bread & Dubliner cheese (We're celebrating St. Paddy's Day early!)

Friday, March 16
Oatmeal with frozen berries
Bean & cheese nachos
Stove-top popcorn
Pizza Night!!

Saturday, March 17
French toast with maple syrup
Turkey breast sandwiches with chips & fruit
Foraging will commence
Husband's choice (He cooks on the weekends--Mommy Break!)

What are some of your favorite freezer meals?

Blessings to you!

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  1. Um...I must have this immediately: "Chocolate chip-walnut pancakes with maple syrup" Sounds NUMMY!

    I like to make a bunch of twice baked potatoes and freeze for an easy side later. Lasagna and spaghetti pies also freeze well. I've been wanting to find more freezer meals too, so let us know what you find! :)

    Bless you and your family as you prepare for your new little one!


  2. Yeah, on the weekends, my husband cooks and he makes the BEST pancakes--no mix. The girls, of course, prefer chocolate chip, but mama likes nuts in hers. They are divine!

    Great idea for twice baked potatoes! I hadn't thought of those and we love them. Also, the girls love lasagna and spaghetti, so I'll definitely be making those.

    Thanks so much for your suggestions and kind words. I'll try to post what I find!


  3. I've never froze any of my meals. I'm not really sure what freezes and what doesn't. I love cassaroles though. I need to make more of them. One of my favs is Mexican Shephard's Pie.