Friday, March 25, 2011

Finer Things Friday: Count Your Many Blessings, Name Them One By One

It is so easy for me to compare myself to other people...usually other moms...and find myself inadequate. Everyone does it, I know, but for me, envy is a horrible problem that leads to self-pity. It's a thorn in my flesh and I'm praying about it a lot lately. My mom has always told me that when I'm down I should count my blessings and see all the good things God has given to me. Focusing on the blessings helps me to see how good I truly have it.

Here are some of this week's blessings:

(1) A few precious hours with family--Kate playing with Lacey, Ellie and Robbie and dragging poor Mema Jean around plus time with Gram-Gram and Papa.

(2) Cora trying her first foods--carrots and bananas--and loving them!

(3) A loving father and husband who finds opportunities to relieve me (i.e. taking Kate with him on his bike ride)

(4) Beautiful sunny weather to play outside, blow bubbles and kick the soccer ball

(5) Popcorn on the stove and watching Bedknobs and Broomsticks with Kate for the millionth time

(6) Reading books on the couch and smiling to myself as Kate "reads" along with me

(7) Finally setting up my new sewing machine (it's only been two months since I got it!)

(8) A full pantry and refrigerator

(9) Quiet time with the Lord as the girls nap

(10) Kate telling me she wants to take Cora with her to Mops's house (I love how much she loves her sister.)

(11) Cora scooting around and only 5 months old!

(12) Coming home after a night away and realizing how much I love my husband

We are blessed beyond words!! Thank you, Lord!

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