Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sowing Seeds: Getting the Garden Started

The weather has been incredible here lately. Sunny, warm, breezy: the perfect weather for being outdoors and the ideal climate for planting lettuce and onion seeds. I picked up some seeds, starter cups, and a bag of potting soil a few weeks ago, so while Cora napped this afternoon, I hightailed it outside and planted ten cups of onions (on the right). Last Saturday I planted ten cups of lettuce (on the left), and already there are some little sprouts in the cups.

While I was outside, I noticed that my apple mint is trying to make a comeback. Mom was right; you can't kill that stuff! I dug up the plant and separated the dead from the roots with green leaves on them, which I replanted. I also sowed some lettuce seeds in the pot.

Hopefully, in a few weeks, we'll have some lettuce and onion sprouts to transplant to the garden. I guess we need to get the garden ready. So excited about homegrown veggies and even more pumped about warmer weather...

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