Thursday, March 31, 2011

Finer Things Friday: More Blessings Than I Deserve

Last week for "Finer Things Friday," I posted a list of 12 blessings in my life. Today I would like to continue that list with this week's blessings.

(13) My sweet smiling Cora crawling for the first time this week (She's got to keep up with big sis!)

(14) My too-smart-for-her-own-good Kate recalling from memory FOUR Bible verses that we hadn't practiced for several weeks (post to come!)

(15) Watching netflixed Modern Family episodes with Daniel and laughing hysterically together (well, it's mostly me laughing out loud)

(16) Seeing God's great mercy and love for me in my study of 2 Peter at CBS (Community Bible Study)

(17) Being in the presence of some wonderful Godly women at CBS who encourage and inspire me every week

(18) My wonderful mom taking time out of her busy life to take me to Sam's (and paying for more than she should have!)

(19) The strawberries from Daniel's parents' patch from last year that I used to make 5 pints of jam with

(20) King's Kids: The Mother's Day Out program Kate attends every Tuesday & Thursday for all the Bible songs and stories she is learning and for the much-needed break it affords me

(21) Writing this blog: I know I'm writing to myself for the most part, but I feel blessed to have an outlet to express myself again as well as a space to record our family's milestones

(22) Watching the birds build a nest in the winter wreath still up on our front door (now I have excuse not to take it down!)

(23) The tulips, forsythia, dogwoods and other beautiful flowers and trees in bloom, showing me that Spring is here even if the weather is still reminiscent of winter

(24) Watching my girls grow in love for each other and praying that they will always be the best of friends

How has the Lord blessed you this week? If you sit down and think about all your blessings, could you REALLY be down?

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