Sunday, July 31, 2011

Menu Plan for the Week of July 31st

Well, this is the first week post-Summertime Pantry Challenge, and I must confess that I ended the eat-only-from-the-pantry, freezer, and refrigerator-challenge a little early because we were plum out of staples. When your oldest child eats oatmeal every. single. morning, it's a cardinal sin to be without it!

On Friday, the kids and I hit up the farmer's market and came away with some okra, corn, green beans, onions, red potatoes, and blueberries. Our garden is cranking out a couple of ripe tomatoes every few days, but everything else--peppers, squash, and cucumbers--seems to be slowing down. We did manage to sow some more yellow squash as well as some zucchini and butternut squash seeds, so hopefully we'll have more summer squash in the next few weeks.

Here is what we'll be eating this week in our house:

Sunday: Chicken pesto panini (using the fresh pesto I made on Friday with the gobs of basil in my garden) and roasted corn-on-the-cob

Monday: Beef roast (in the crock pot), mashed potatoes with brown gravy, green beans, and fried okra

Tuesday: Shredded beef quesadillas (using leftover beef roast) with black beans and fresh salsa (possibly using any leftover corn from Sunday)

Wednesday: My Birthday!! Dinner out :)

Thursday: Chicken cordon bleu on couscous with a garden salad

Friday: Pizza night!

Saturday: Shepherd's pie (using leftover mashed potatoes from Monday, leftover beef roast, and some roast and veggies in the freezer)

That's our menu plan for the week. What are you having this week?

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