Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Potty-Training Boot Camp: Day 1 {Success!!}

On Tuesday morning, we spent the afternoon getting ready for "D-Day" {no more Diapers Day}, the first day of Potty-Training Boot Camp. That meant:
  • Washing Kate's brand new Hello Kitty and Ni Hao Kai-Lan panties and the waterproof mattress pad and putting the panties in a basket where she can easily reach them
  • Packing up all the cloth diapers and pull-ups and moving them to lil' sister's room {I did leave her regular diapers for bedtime. I'm taking one hurdle at a time! Day time potty-training first!}
  • Getting out new stickers for her potty chart
  • Setting out her "cupcakes" for reward {cupcakes=Reese's cups}
I built D-Day up as big as I could with talk about "no more pull-ups" and "only pee-peeing in the potty." And Kate seemed eager to wear her new panties and be a big girl. I, however, was very nervous.

Day 1: Off to a Good Start
Upon waking up Wednesday morning--D-Day--I reminded Kate that she was no longer going to wear diapers or pull-ups anymore. She had witnessed me empty her basket of them the day before, so she knew I meant business. However, she was excited and rushed to put on her new Dora panties from Gram-Gram. Kate is a self-starter and very independent, so when she has to go potty she just goes. She knows how to wipe, flush, and then wash her hands. Then, she gets herself a sticker for her chart and comes to me for her "cupcake." So, I leave her to it. I figure as long as she stays dry, then I won't intervene.

Only one minor incident--not potty related but in the bathroom. Apparently, Kate found the Lysol and some wood cleaner. While I thought she was using the potty, instead she was "cleaning" the bathroom. I had wood cleaner ALL OVER THE PLACE. I guess I need to monitor her a little more closely!

Still, Day 1 has been a SUCCESS!! She stayed dry all day, even during naptime!

Tomorrow I'm praying for more of the same! Then the big test will be this weekend when Kate goes to Gram-Gram & Papa's to spend the night. : )

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Okay, so while I am super-excited about the prospects of no longer having to buy diapers for two kids and especially not having to clean up an extra set of poopy diapers, my heart is a little sad.

No more diapers = no more baby, and that makes this mommy a little teary-eyed.
Not a lot but a little.

But when I see her smiling face and new sense of self-confidence I can't help but smile, too. And that is undoubtedly a finer thing.

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