Thursday, April 21, 2011

Finer Things Fridays: Keep Counting Your Blessings

In many ways this has been a rough week. Kate has been challenging us more than usual and also not sleeping as well. Yes, I'm sure those problems are not mutually exclusive. But we've had to resort to shutting her bedroom door, which has met with lots of screaming. Cora's teething has gotten so bad that I took her to the doctor just to rule out an ear infection. She just screams and is also only taking 30 minute naps. And I have been anxious about what to do about my thyroid situation. So, let's just say, "Thank God it's Friday!"

Still, as I sit in the present peace and quiet of my cool house, as potatoes and eggs boil for potato salad and as I reflect on this week, I can see God's hand everywhere, and I realize how much He truly loves His creation.

(36) Telling Kate the story of Jesus -- His death, burial and resurrection -- using the Resurrection Eggs we made and being so amazed at what she retains;

(37) Watching Cora crawl around the house, trying to follow her big sister and me;

(38) A kind friend from church offering to lighten my load by taking Kate for the day and the cute dress they made together;

(39) Daniel's love and generosity every day and not feeling guilty for the new sandals I bought;

(40) Pictures taken by a sweet friend, Rebekah Baker, on a blustery cold Saturday afternoon;

(41) My two girls in their Easter dresses resting briefly from hugging and loving on each other;

(42) Making chicken broth with leftover chicken bones and vegetables and thanking God for teaching me how to be a good steward of what He blesses us with daily;

(43) Dyeing Easter eggs with Kate and only losing my temper one time, despite spilled dye water and cracked eggs, and loving that Kate's favorite part is putting on the stickers;

(44) My girls with smiling faces; and

(45) Finding a chiropractor who may remedy some of my thyroid problems but still needing to pray for God's wisdom in making this decision.

And the peace and quiet are gone!

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