Friday, April 8, 2011

Finer Things Fridays: More Blessings Than I Deserve

And the beat goes on! I love thinking about what I have done this week and praising God for His great blessings in my life. It puts my trials into perspective and reminds me of how much He loves me!

(25) Daniel's 33rd Birthday! What a blessing to have someone in my life who knows how to make me laugh when I desperately need it and keeps me balanced. Plus, CAKE! I made a Boston Cream Pie in celebration.

(26) Cora sleeping through the night for an entire week and both of us getting much-needed rest

(27) Watching Kate share her toy phone with Cora who only wants to chew on it

(28) Seeing the look on Cora's face--her eyes lighting up and grinning from ear to ear--when Kate comes to play with her

(29) Finding tiny lettuce shoots coming up in the garden and knowing it won't be long before we can eat fresh organic greens

(30) Having time to read a lengthy book but also realizing what a literary snob I am

(31) Laughing as Kate dons her orange Home Depot apron and "Olympic" gold medal on our trip to the library and realizing how innocent and cute she is but also, more importantly, that it isn't worth the battle to make her take them off

(32) Having the energy to do some much-needed spring cleaning including washing curtains and rugs--Thank You, God, for the sunshine!

(33) Learning how important it is to LISTEN to God instead of TELLING Him what I need and want

(34) My wonderful parents and their love of serving others and how they have so richly blessed me in their influence

(35) A patient and compassionate Father who never gives up on me!!

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