Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 1: Finding God in Zinnias

Yesterday, I issued my 30 Day Challenge to "Come & See God."

I really want to be intentional in looking for God in the day-to-day and to show my daughter what we can learn about our Maker by examining the works of His hands.

This morning while the baby napped we played on the swings and ran to the garden where we saw...


Here is our conversation:

Me: "Kate, look at these flowers!"
Kate: "They're bew-ti-ful, Mommy! Can I smell them?"
Me: "I don't think they smell, but, yes, you can smell them. What colors do you see?"
Kate: "Red and orange and pink."
Me: "Do you know who made these flowers?"
Kate: "Daddy."
Me: [Laugh] "No..."
Kate: "Mommy!"
Me: "No, God. God made the flowers. He created them; I just planted the seeds. But God made the flowers grow."
Kate: "Can we pick some?"

Now there was absolutely nothing deep about our discussion. Short and sweet. We stopped, looked, smelled, and talked briefly about God and His creation. It's a start!

Now my daughter knows that God, not Mommy or Daddy, made the zinnias.

Thank you, God, for the beauty of your creation.

How have you and your children seen God today?


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this challenge!!! You are such a great mama and are creating such organic conversations about God...amazing!!


  2. Thanks, Laurie! I'm just trying to do what I need to do.