Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 4: White Butterflies

My daughter returned from her grandparents this afternoon, so while baby sister napped, we resumed our search for God in the backyard. Kate saw this beautiful white butterfly fly by us while we sat on the iron rocker out back, talking about God.

She jumped up to chase the butterfly, but it fluttered quickly away.

We walked around the house talking, listening, and looking. Kate kept asking me, "Where is God?" And we talked about how God is everywhere: in His creation, in the dirt of the ground, even in us. Kate was intrigued by this idea of God being inside her. She didn't quite grasp that idea, but then again, neither do I.

Then it happened. That pretty white butterfly took a chance and flew right past us, alighting on my lavender bush.

"Mommy, mommy, look! The beautiful butterfly! It's God!" My two-year-old daughter said.

And she was right.

Where did you and your children see God today?

Are you taking the 30 Day "Come & See God" Challenge? Share with us what you are discovering and learning about our Creator and Sustainer.

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