Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 3: Spiders, Oh My!

Are you participating with me in "The 30 Day 'Come & See God' Challenge"?

I hope so! We are slowing down, opening our eyes, and looking closely at our Maker's world.

My daughter has gone for a visit with her grandparents for the weekend, but I have decided to continue the challenge for the next few days without her. Mamas need to "see" God, too. :)

Here's what I saw while walking in my garden this morning:

Yes, I was reaching down to pick some lettuce and nearly picked this little guy. Wowza!

Now if my daughter had seen this spider, she would have said, "That's di-sgus-ting!"

And my brother would have probably screamed like a girl and high-tailed it back to the house. Or stepped on it. He's a stalwart arachnophobe.

But I just stared in awe.

Spiders don't frighten me, albeit they are creepy with their eight spindly legs and multiple eyes. And the fact that they liquidize and grind up their prey before eating it is pretty horrific. Still, a spider's ability to produce silk and construct intricate webs to catch its prey reveals true artistry and skill that can only attest to God's perfect design.

God made spiders to achieve a specific purpose, too. For the farmer or gardener, the spider is an ally in eradicating those pesky bugs that eat and destroy our plants.

We can certainly see God's creativity and forethought at work in the spider despite the spider's frightful appearance. Spiders are pretty amazing creatures, aren't they?

Where have you seen God today? Will you share? You can send a link from your blog or just post a comment below.

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