Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 6: Daylilies

[Note: This is yesterday's post. I apologize for the tardiness.]

Kate, Cora, and I sat outside on the front porch. I suggested no talking for one whole minute so that we could listen and look for God. The eight-month-old, of course, was excluded. For about 50 seconds, Kate sat quietly, without moving.
But by then she'd had enough and announced, "Let's not be quiet anymore."

So, I asked her, "Did you see God or hear Him talking to you?"

"Yes, Mama," Kate said, "He's right there!"

"Where?" I asked, wondering what she was pointing at.

"Right there!" she insisted, getting up and walking over to the edge of the steps.

"In the flowers?" I asked.

"Yes, Mama. In those beautiful green flowers," she announced matter of factly.
These are the green flowers she was pointing to. She was actually pointing at the stems and leaves, but the flower was too beautiful not to photograph.

After a brief discussion of the beauty of flowers and why God might have made this particular kind, my energetic toddler began running in circles all over the yard. That is the attention span of a two-year-old.

Where have you experienced God today?

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