Friday, May 6, 2011

Finer Things Friday: It's the Simple Things that Make me Smile

(57) Listening to Kate cheer herself on as she runs with her daddy on the Greenway ("Go, Kate, go!") and watching her little legs work to keep up;

(58) Watching Cora pull herself up to standing in her crib and everywhere (and she's only 7 months old!)

(59) Digging in the garden and feeling the dirt between my fingers--it's cathartic in so many ways;

(60) Finding worms in the garden and watching Kate visibly cringe when I ask her if she wants to hold one---she's really afraid of creepy-crawlies like her Uncle Brian;

(61) Our house now on a firm foundation and able to pay for it without going into debt--thanks largely to my frugal husband who makes sure we save more than we spend;

(62) Time spent with my family celebrating my brother's birthday;

(63) Laughing and reminiscing with my brother and sister-in-law about old flames and school days and thankful that God knew best who to give us as spouses;

(64) The Stones River Market and being able to get fresh produce including spinach, lettuce, cabbage, and strawberries as well as eggs that are locally grown;

(65) Watching our own garden grow, in spite of all the weeds, and knowing SOON we'll have our own lettuce and tomatoes and other goodies;

(66) Kate's teachers, Patricia and Cristy, at King's Kids (Mother's Day Out) for their love for our child;

(67) A day of strawberry picking with the cousins--making memories that our kids will never forget!

(68) Spring time: Everything is green, lush and vibrant and recharges my sluggishness;

(69) New days ahead: With the close of CBS (Community Bible Study) and Mother's Day Out next week for the summer, I am excited about what the next few months will bring and looking forward to time with both my girls as well as getting into a more relaxed summer routine.

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