Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 12: Puddle Jumpin'

{If you're just now following us, we are in the midst of "31 Days of Play," my personal challenge to play more with my kids, both through intentional activities like arts & crafts and spontaneous events that don't require any forethought. The point is to focus on playing with our kids and learning what it means to be a kid again. I hope you will join us!}

Here in Tennessee we have been experiencing very hot temperatures and, until two days ago, no rain for weeks. But we have had some nice showers these past few days, and while I usually do not like rainy weather, I have not complained once about it because I know how much we need it!

Today, for our play time, I decided we needed to have some fun playing in the rain. There's something cathartic about donning your raincoats and boots, getting wet, and jumping in puddles. I felt like a {big} kid again!

We really have one "puddle," but the girls and I jumped in it over and over and over again.

 My two cuties: Cora still in her pajamas

 Kate took this picture. I think Cora & I are looking at the mud we're making in the puddle.


Oh, yeah!

Finding rocks

But mostly we just enjoyed walking around in the rain admiring how everything in our yard is GREEN again! 

Do you like to play in the rain with your kids? 

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