Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 5- Make Your Own Bird Feeder

Kate and I made bird feeders together once before a year or so ago, but when she found a pine cone in our neighbor's yard, she remembered and asked if we could make another one, this time with her little sissy. So, we bought some birdseed, got out the peanut butter, and went to town. {If you want more detailed instructions or to try out some variations on homemade bird feeders, check out Local Fun for Kids for some great ideas.}

Kate very carefully slathering on the peanut butter 

 Cora was much more interested in eating the peanut butter, so Mama helped.

Still, they both got it done and were very proud of their handiwork!

Making bird feeders with your kids is a great way to talk about the wonders of God's creation and have fun at the same time!

Have you ever made bird feeders with your kids? Have you ever seen birds actually eat off them because honestly I have not? :)

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