Sunday, July 8, 2012

Days 6 ,7 & 8: Ice Boats, the Playground, & Pool Time

If you are just now joining me, I am taking a 31 day challenge to play with my kids. Some days we do intentional play in the form of arts and crafts projects; other days we simply splash in the kiddy pool or swing on the swing set. The goal is to make an effort each day to enjoy some fun times with my kiddos. The housework will be there tomorrow, but my kids are growing up and will not be at home forever. Carpe diem!

Yesterday, after a week of reading and rowing My Blue Boat, we made ice boats.

Essentially, you freeze water in a plastic container, adding food coloring to the water to color your boat. Then, you bore a little hole in the ice, insert a "mast" {straw, popsicle stick, etc.}, add a little more water, and refreeze until mast is set. When you're ready to set sail, add a "sail" {I used foam from the Dollar Tree} and pop the ice boat from the container.

The girls were giddy about setting their boats a-sail in their kiddy pool. We talked about what causes the boats to move in the water: the wind and waves. We also blew on the boats to push them along in the water.

Unfortunately, though, the hot weather melted our ice boats pretty fast, so this was a quick play time activity. Still, we all had fun, and it was a great way to end our week of reading My Blue Boat.

Late Saturday afternoon, the family ventured out to the playground at our local park. At first I thought we were lucky to be the only ones there, but then I realized why: It was HOT! Despite cloudy skies, when that sun popped its head out, we were scorched by it.

Still, we had fun running, jumping, and sliding. Plus, we reenacted Snow White and Three Billy Goats Gruff. Kate was Snow White, of course, and she pretended to have eaten the wicked queen's poisonous apple. So, she is in desperate need of a kiss from her Prince to wake her from her slumber. Daddy was her Prince, of course, but no amount of kissing would awaken her highness; she had to be tickled awake.

 Cora attempting to awaken "Snow Kate" with a kiss.

A favorite game we play out our house is 3 Billy Goats Gruff, where one person is the troll under the bridge (at home, it's the slide) and the others are goats trying to cross to the other side. The troll is pretty mean and ugly and attempts to grab the goats and gobble them up, mostly to no avail, although some times a poor goat succumbs to the troll and is made into goat stew.

Brave "Little Cora Goat Gruff"

This afternoon while Annabeth slept, we played in the kiddy pool in the front yard. A new favorite game is "Hide Tigger" where one of the girls hides a plastic figurine of Tigger while the other tries to find it. Sorry! I forgot my camera!

I hope you will continue to join us as we play through the month of July!

What plans do you have to play with your kids this week? I would encourage you--if you are anything like me--to plan an activity each day. Write out the materials you will need; then gather them; and invite your kids to play. Trust me: They will NOT say "no."

Blessings to you!


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  1. Love the boat idea - we are doing that for bath time tonight, since we don't have the pool option today Thanks for the ideas

    Marissa @

    1. Ooh, that would be fun in the bath tub. We may have to try that. However, I may not choose to color the water or the kids might turn green :)


  2. We did the ice boat thing and had a great time. The kids really enjoyed making them and the 2 or 3 minutes they played before they melted...(its 100 degrees here so it was a short lived toy but still loads of fun)

  3. Ha! I know! Ours melted super fast too! But it was fun. Glad you and your kids enjoyed it too!


  4. This sounds great! We've got a giant lake to float the boats in... thanks for the idea!