Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 3- Handprint 4th of July Craft!

Because tomorrow is the Fourth of July, I decided to try out another holiday-related craft for our play time together. I found this handprint craft at ToddlerToddler. Basically, you tape paper stars to a piece of white card stock, dip the child's hand in red and/or blue paint, and let him or her put handprints on top of the star on the paper. Then, you very carefully remove the stars and voila!

Some stars stuck to the paper and did not come off completely, so I would definitely recommend using card stock and not plain copy paper for your stars.

Let's just say this was a messy craft that required a lot of my supervision, so I wouldn't exactly call it "play." However, Mama did participate in the artwork, which thrilled my girls. They love when Mama plays, too.

I hope you are having some intentional fun with your kids this week. Let me encourage you to put down the dust rag, shut off the computer, and forgo the laundry to spend a few precious moments playing with your kiddos. 

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